10 Big Ideas for African Development

This year’s #ScienceAfrica UnConference aimed to shine a light on innovators harnessing science and tech for real social impact on the continent, and provide a safe space for people to make the contacts needed for realise their own ideas for African development. During the event, we asked attendees to share their big ideas for Africa, as well as indicate the skills and expertise required to make these aspirations a reality. From crowd finance to improving vocational education and much more, we were delighted by our attendees’ passionate and practical ideas for accelerating sustainable and inclusive development on the continent. In no particular order, here are 10 of the most exciting ‘Big Ideas for Africa’.

1) Recognise and learn from African achievements in science and technology

2) Develop children’s understanding of computer science and technology by building small robots and other technological equipment

3) Harness crowd finance to fund sustainable development projects

4) Store all the water that floods east African cities every rainy season and use it for crop irrigation

5) Enhance the ability of teachers to deliver 21st century STEM skills to students, using low-resource sustainable projects

6) Build cadres of inspired engineers with the skills to support economic and social development in their countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

7) Provide meaningful vocation education, especially for African young women, particularly child mothers who are often the most disadvantaged

8) Deliver a soft skills development programme for young people in particular

9) Ensure that grant schemes available to African scientists are widely publicised

10) Develop Artificial Intelligence interfaces that can provide health information direct to people’s phones

Join the PEI exChange to make your own big ideas for Africa a reality. 

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