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The Planet Earth Institute (PEI) is an international NGO and charity working for the scientific independence of Africa. While other emerging regions have invested heavily in science and technology, Africa is falling behind in the race for scientific development. And we want that to change, fast.

All of our work is built around the three pathways we believe will help lead Africa to scientific independence: Higher Education, Technological Innovation and Policy and Advocacy. In other words, we want to support and strengthen higher education institutions, help incubate technologies able to drive scientific advancement and campaign for a science-led development agenda for Africa.

Headquartered in London with a core executive team, the PEI also has a regional office in Luanda, Angola. All of the Institute’s projects benefits from the guidance of the Global Scientific Committee (GSC), a unique group of eminent research scientists drawn from across the world, and partnerships with leading organisations working who share our vision for a scientifically empowered Africa.


"I really appreciated speaking at the PEI's #ScienceAfrica UnConference in July 2017. This was such a fantastic and well organised event with a tremendous line up of speakers from diverse backgrounds, which provided for a rich learning environment. It provided me with an incredible platform, the benefits of which are unquantifiable."

Professor Kelly Chibale
Professor and Principal Investigator, University of Cape Town

Three Pathways – Working for the Scientific Independence of Africa

Our Higher Education pathway focuses on the development of PhD-level research centres in Africa. Created in partnership with leading academic institutions around the world, these Centres of Excellence are designed to facilitate and promote indigenous cutting-edge research related to applied science for sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa. The PEI’s first flagship Centre is underway in Angola and with a second Centre due to open in Mozambique.

Our Technological Innovation pathway seeks to develop frontier technology in Africa that can help drive scientific advancement. Supported by in-depth market research, our incubation model brings international partners together and supports projects until maturity to ensure results are delivered on the ground and with impact. If you have a project that you’d like to talk to us about, please get in touch.

Our Policy and Advocacy pathway is recognition of the PEI’s charitable objective to be a strong voice for the role of science, technology and innovation in Africa’s development agenda. Working with leading institutions and governments in Africa and beyond, primarily facilitated via the ‘PEI Partners Forum’, our campaigning and policy pathway seeks to build a powerful movement for science on the continent and form a valuable collaboration hub for all those interested or working in this area.

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