Add Your Project to the PEI exChange Project Map

The PEI exChange makes it simple for people to meet, connect, and exchange ideas and expertise with a global, online community. We believe that Africa needs a free, open platform for people to connect and that this exchange of information and expertise will support projects and organisations to scale and develop.

One feature facilitating this is our interactive project map, which displays projects uploaded by users. Our project map and project portfolio means that organisations have a platform to showcase their work, get recognised, get exposure and connect with the right people to take their projects to the next level.

The map and portfolio feature is incredibly simple to use. Whether your project is commercial, research, academic, charitable or social enterprise, you can share it easily with our global network of professionals working in African development.

Whether your organisation is looking to collaborate with new businesses on the ground in Africa, or to develop entirely new projects with specialised professionals, uploading your work to our project map will allow your initiative to gain support, feedback and inputs, opportunities for collaboration or even funding. You can also browse through existing projects, where you can scout and recruit others, exchange expertise, and offer or receive valuable advice.

There are already a number of fantastic projects being showcased on our project map, which features work from a range of different focus areas including health, education and renewable energy. Pen to Paper Ghana, for example, is showcasing their work that aims to improve education and facilities for the youth. The main focus of their project is to improve literacy rates by providing free phonics lessons.

Another project uploaded to our map is the Food for All Mobile App. Their programme operates West Africa’s first community food support centre in Ghana by creating efficiency and sustainable means of nutrition through food recovery, redistribution, farming and forum using mobile and web applications.

A renewable energy initiative being showcased on our project map, Solar Lanterns for 1000 Village Homes in Liberia, provides zero-cost solar lanterns capable of charging mobile phones for 1000 families in Liberia.

Whatever your focus area, or area of skill, sign up to the PEI exChange today and upload your project to connect with our global network of professionals working in African development.

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