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Five inspirational girls and women working in science in Africa

Saturday 11th February marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which advocates for the importance of achieving gender equality within the sciences. In honour of this day, we have decided to turn the spotlight on five women and girls who are making a real difference in science in Africa. 1) Jamilla Abass, M-FARM… Read More

PEI End of Year Report- 2016

In 2016, the PEI has continued to advocate for high-quality and industry-relevant science in Africa, taking the case for investment in advanced science to governments and policy-makers across the continent and around the world. With the support of our partners, we have engaged with stakeholders across civil society, business and academia, to ensure that our… Read More

Seven inspirational quotes from Africa’s next generation of tech and education leaders

At the PEI, we’re always delighted to hear the latest from Africa’s leading technologists and educators who are gaining recognition for their socially impactful innovations and programmes. Here are seven quotes from the continent’s leading tech entrepreneurs and educators that have inspired us recently. 1) “To borrow a phrase from founders of mobile money providers… Read More

2016 #ScienceAfrica UnConference video

On 14th September 2016, we welcomed over 180 delegates to our #ScienceAfrica UnConference for a day of high-level panels, discussions and interactive workshops that explored how to empower Africa’s next generation of scientific leaders. Here is the video from the day.

Our launch in Mauritius: best press

We were delighted that our launch in Mauritius drew significant attention from the country’s press. Below is a selection of the best coverage that the launch received.  

The truth about Africa’s rising middle class

Opinion on Africa’s middle class opportunity is divided. When Nestle earlier this year announced its disappointment with the scale and growth of Africa’s middle class, and cut its regional workforce by 15 per cent, the news dominated headlines. Only a few months later, AB InBev’s takeover of SAB-Miller – one of the largest proposed corporate… Read More