Arlen Hastings

As director of the Science Initiative Group (SIG) at the Institute for Advanced Study, Arlen Hastings is involved in the design, implementation and administration of initiatives to build scientific capacity in the developing world. A senior administrator at the Institute since 1992, Ms. Hastings was instrumental in conceptualizing and establishing SIG and its first project, the Millennium Science Initiative, in 1998, and later the African Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE). Ms. Hastings came to the Institute from the International Research & Exchanges Board, where her responsibilities included organizing US-Soviet academic conferences. She holds an A.B. in anthropology and Russian studies from Princeton University.

Posts by Arlen Hastings:

Supporting science in Africa through international exchanges

From the beginning in 2008, our RISE programme was built on a belief in and commitment to partnership. Co-ordinated from the Science Initiative Group (SIG) at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, USA, the programme was designed to support the development of African science through university-based research and training networks on the continent,… Read More