Kwadwo Sarpong

Kwadwo A. Sarpong is the Chief Executive Officer of ARA-W, a non-profit organization that seeks to bridge the gap between male and female scientists in Africa. Sarpong is a recent graduate of Emory University and holds a degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. Kwadwo hopes to one day become a Neurosurgeon; he is concerned about the lack of proper healthcare in his native country, Ghana. Growing up with a brother with a disability sparked his curiosity in medicine at a young age. As his love for medicine flourished so did his passion for research into the causes of disabilities in children during birth. He is a current PREP Scholar at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and an advocate for changing the world through scientific research.

Posts by Kwadwo Sarpong:

Empowering female scientists in Africa

As an aspiring Ghanaian neurosurgeon, I couldn’t be happier to read recent news headlines, which point to the huge increases in science, tech and innovation on the continent. Tech start-ups are cropping up in countries such as Kenya and Nigeria, which are creating some of the most exciting innovations to emerge in the region. What’s… Read More