Elody Fumi

Elody is the PEI's Digital Marketing Executive, responsible for excuting digital campaigns and event support. With a background in policy research joined the PEI from the Italian Embassy in London in April 2017. She holds a BA in International Relations from Exeter University.

Posts by Elody Fumi:

Water in Africa

Clean and safe water is crucial to achieving sustainable and inclusive development in Africa. Learn more about this area, as well as the innovative new technologies enhancing access to water on the continent. With over 66% of Sub-Saharan Africa classified as arid or semi-arid, almost 50% of the region’s population live in a water-scarce environment…. Read More

Renewable energy project leaders on the PEI exChange

Access to clean, low-carbon energy is essential to achieving sustainable development in Africa. In the lead up to our Spotlight Seminar on the Future of Renewable Energy in Africa, we want to shine a light on three clean energy innovators who are showcasing their work on the PEI exChange projects map. Dr. LeRoy Boikai Dr…. Read More

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The latest & greatest renewable energy news from Africa

At the PEI, we are always interested in the latest science, technology and innovation coming from Africa. In the lead up to our upcoming Spotlight Seminar on the Future of Renewable Energy in Africa on the 29th November in London, here are some of the latest and greatest happenings in renewable energy on the continent…. Read More

Post-Ebola: Enhancing health security in Africa

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa was first reported in March 2014, and went on to become the largest and deadliest in the history of the virus. The epidemic spread between countries and involved major urban areas as well as rural ones. The severity and complexity of the outbreak in Africa highlighted the importance of… Read More

Five highlights from the United Nations General Assembly

Last week saw the 193 Member States of the United Nations come together in New York for the annual General Assembly session. Global leaders and policy makers took to the General Assembly Hall to discuss a wide array of the most important international issues, including development, peace and security, and international law. Here are five… Read More

The rise and rise of tech hubs in Africa

Tech hubs can be defined as places where ‘ideas are encouraged and cultivated, and where innovation and creativity is translated into tangible results’. On the continent, tech hubs foster technological innovation, research, product development and business growth. Over the last five years, innovation hubs have become a dominant feature of Africa’s emerging technology landscape. Research… Read More