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Five highlights from the United Nations General Assembly

Last week saw the 193 Member States of the United Nations come together in New York for the annual General Assembly session. Global leaders and policy makers took to the General Assembly Hall to discuss a wide array of the most important international issues, including development, peace and security, and international law. Here are five… Read More

The rise and rise of tech hubs in Africa

Tech hubs can be defined as places where ‘ideas are encouraged and cultivated, and where innovation and creativity is translated into tangible results’. On the continent, tech hubs foster technological innovation, research, product development and business growth. Over the last five years, innovation hubs have become a dominant feature of Africa’s emerging technology landscape. Research… Read More

Five scientific and technological innovations enhancing health in Africa

With a population of over 1.2 billion people, Africa accounts for 25% of the global disease burden. Bearing just 2% of the world’s doctors, its healthcare infrastructure also faces a number of challenges. The role of science and technology is fundamental in addressing these, and as such, a great number of exciting innovations are providing… Read More

10 fascinating facts about public health in Africa

Africa faces the world’s most dramatic healthcare crisis: although the continent bears one quarter of the global disease burden, it has just 2% of the world’s doctors. What’s more, the continent faces many complex challenges, from tackling life-threatening infectious diseases to confronting the rise of non-communicable diseases. However, there are a great number of opportunities… Read More

The Future of Renewable Energy in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Over two-thirds of Africa’s vast population, an estimated 600 million people, currently have no access to energy. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the average electricity grid access rate is a mere 20%. Furthermore, just seven of the continent’s countries have electricity rates that exceed 50%. Access to electricity is critical for development; it is vital in powering… Read More