James Knight

James is the PEI's Policy and Communications Director, responsible for the advocacy and campaigning work of the charity on science, technology and innovation. With a background in political campaigns in the UK, US and Africa, James joined the PEI from a leading communications consultancy in 2012.

Posts by James Knight:

Five questions on technology in Africa with Mariéme Jamme

Before speaking at our next Africa Breakfast Club, part of the series of meetings investigating the science, technology and innovation agenda on the continent, prominent technologist Mariéme Jamme answers a quick five questions on technology in Africa. Mariéme was recently named as one of Africa’s 20 Young Power Women in Forbes magazine and you can view her interview on… Read More

Five questions with Prof Tebello Nyokong

As part of a new series this year, we’ll be speaking to inspiring academics, policy-makers and others on Africa’s scientific development. This time, we speak to Prof Tebello Nyokong, one of the continent’s leading scientists, multi-award winner and often cited role model for younger generataions. Question 1: The Post 2015 ‘African common position paper’ published last year highlighted science and… Read More

Our 2013 top 10

2013’s been an exciting year for us at the PEI. There’s undoubtedly a real sense of momentum building for expanding investment and interest in Africa’s science, technology and innovation agenda, and with so much going on we’ve certainly been kept on our toes. But as the year draws to a close, we want to look… Read More

It’s time for an African-owned science agenda

Science is enjoying a renaissance in Africa. But we need to deepen our commitments and broaden our horizons if our continent is to fulfil its promise. The last decade has seen a flurry of science-based activity in Africa. Since the first Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology was held in 2003, the continent has both… Read More

What are the barriers to scientific independence in Africa?

While many emerging regions have invested heavily in science and technology, Africa is falling behind in the race for scientific development, with the lowest enrolment rate for higher education in the world. To explore this problem and find solutions, 50 policymakers, scientists, journalists, publishers and representatives from nonprofit organizations gathered in the UK House of… Read More

Desperately seeking Africa’s scientific independence

We had our first UnConference this week in London, bringing over 120 people together to get excited about science in Africa and to seek out what practical steps we can all continue to take to push the science agenda forward on the continent. We held it at the brilliant Hub Westminster, a space designed deliberately… Read More