Joyce Elemson

Joyce Elemson is a Further Education lecturer in the UK. She holds a Master’s degree in Education Management and an Education Economics degree. She took up a PGCE (2002) at the University of Greenwich, London. Her first role as a lecturer exposed her to the challenges faced by returnee adults to education, who struggle to complete and progress on to higher education or employment. Joyce thus got involved in the quality of education provided such profile of students. Her sound pedagogical practice was acknowledged by the UK inspection watchdog which led to the delivery of teacher professional development and strengthened her involvement in the development of Basic/Functional skills in the core subjects for adult learners. Joyce has mentored trainee teachers, simultaneously spearheaded fellow lecturers’ registration with the Institute for Learning, UK and promoted the annual declaration of Continuing Professional Development. Her knowledge of best practice has significantly increased student achievement in many low performing departments in 2 colleges within London Southeast. Joyce’s membership of a European teacher network has expanded her horizons in teacher education, pedagogic innovations and quality education for young adults. She has developed a voluntary and annual project in teacher training in parts of West Africa to improve teaching and learning quality. Her objective to engage non-governmental organisations in supporting such training programs has been realised following a recognition of her individual efforts by reputable and award winning organisations such as DADAMAC UK and Fantsuam Foundation who share similar vision and mission in the spheres of international development with special focus on improving teacher effectiveness. Joyce has attended some European teacher conferences including UNESCO’s education conferences, as a source of inspiration to realise a key objective in driving forward education equity for young adults amidst very dysfunctional backgrounds both in the UK and parts of West Africa. Joyce has contributed articles and presentations to some journals, conferences and leading teacher organisations in the UK and Europe.

Posts by Joyce Elemson:

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