Misgun Kashu

Misgun is one of the beneficiaries of the PEI sponsored PhD. programme. Originally from Ethiopia, Ms. Kashu received the PEI scholarship to study her PhD. at Newcastle University, where she has previously completed her Undergraduate and Master Degrees. Alongside her PhD, she sits as an observer on the PEI Global Scientific Committee.

Posts by Misgun Kashu:

Food Production, Food Security and Well-Being

For decades, food security has featured prominently on national, individual and global development agendas. But when we talk about food security, what does it really mean? How can food security be measured? Strictly speaking, the definition of food security is that “enough food is available, whether at the global, national, community, or household level”. When… Read More

Village-level food security in Ethiopia

Food is one of the most fundamental human needs. It provides people with a sense of security and improves their quality of life and increases their well-being. The recent global food crisis 2007-2013 left many people chronically hungry, food insecure and reduced their quality of life. For instance, in the year 2010-2011 the number of… Read More