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Bola is the PEI’s communication officer, she joined us in May 2014 and is responsible for promoting our advocacy work through social media activity and assisting with events and campaigns. She has a degree in broadcast journalism and a post-graduate degree in communication, culture and society. She brings experience from working in communications for an educational development charity.

Posts by PEI Team:

Five questions with Prof. Kelly Chibale

This week, we were fortunate to catch up with Professor Kelly Chibale, Principal Investigator at the University of Cape Town, founder of Africa’s first drug discovery and development centre, H3D, and one of the speakers at our #ScienceAfrica UnConference this year. Professor Chibale spoke eloquently about his efforts to create novel medicines to combat the… Read More

innovative development projects in Africa

Five Innovative Development Projects in Africa on the PEI exChange

The PEI exChange helps small-scale entrepreneurs, NGO workers, development workers, academics, and researchers to connect (thanks to our matching algorithm), exchange information and expertise, and to present their work via an interactive project map. Read about this week’s top five innovative development projects in Africa on the PEI exChange. 1) WEND (Women Empowerment Network Design) is a nonprofit… Read More

Fascinating facts about South-South cooperation

12th September marked International Day for South-South cooperation, which recognises the political, social, cultural, and economic achievements in countries in the South. It also aims to shine a light on the UN’s efforts to work on technological cooperation among developing countries. Here are seven interesting facts about South-South cooperation. 1) South-South cooperation refers to the… Read More

Great, upcoming events focusing on African and international development

It’s mid-September, which is the start of the event season. As such, there’s no better time to go to development-focused events to sharpen your professional knowledge and meet interesting people from a range of backgrounds. In no particular order, here is our pick of some of the most interesting and useful upcoming events focused on… Read More

Add Your Project to the PEI exChange Project Map

The PEI exChange makes it simple for people to meet, connect, and exchange ideas and expertise with a global, online community. We believe that Africa needs a free, open platform for people to connect and that this exchange of information and expertise will support projects and organisations to scale and develop. One feature facilitating this… Read More

Where to find the best news on science and tech in Africa

It’s the start of September, which is a great time to get up-to-speed with the latest science and tech news from the continent. In no particular order, here are five of our favourite places to source interesting stories on the innovators shaping the face of African science and tech. 1) Quartz Africa For the past… Read More