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Help build a movement for science, technology and innovation in Africa

The PEI Partners Forum is helping to build a movement for science, technology and innovation in Africa. It provides businesses and other organisations with an engaging and valuable platform to collaborate, share work, build networks and explore key issues related to scientific, technological and commercial development in Africa. As a charity, we are committed to finding new ways to better connect the many brilliant organisations out there and that is exactly what the PEI Partners Forum is designed to do.

Through the design and facilitation of a series of meetings, roundtables and conferences, held in the UK, Africa and around the world, we bring together a wide variety of individuals and organisations to address and explore challenges and opportunities related to science, technology and innovation in Africa. These range from public health and antimicrobial resistance to agribusiness and satellites, renewable energy and human capacity building to academic publishing and scientific diplomacy.

The different event formats that make up the PEI Partners Forum allow the PEI and our Partners to explore different types of issues and engage with different stakeholders. Members of the PEI Partners Forum are able to participate in all activities and become an integral part of the expanding PEI networks in Africa and beyond, taking the lead in helping shape a number of sessions through the year focused on their priority areas.

PEI Partners Forum Events:

Africa Breakfast Club

Event format: High-level, invitation only breakfast meeting featuring a well-known keynote speaker followed by open discussion

Attendees: Approx. 20 guests, comprised of African diplomats, business leaders and policy makers

Events per year: 6 (UK); 3 (Africa); 2 (other)

Location: (including but not limited to) London, UK; Luanda, Angola, Maputo, Mozambique; New York, USA, Brussels, Belgium

Special features: An intimate setting with meetings conducted under Chatham House Rules makes for candid discussion and excellent networking opportunities

PEI Roundtables

Event format: Policy roundtable allowing for detailed discussion and featuring a panel of experts drawn from industry, academia and business

Attendees: Approx. 45 guests, comprised of policy experts, academics, business leaders and government representatives

Events per year: 3 (UK); 1 (Africa); 1 (other)

Location: (including but not limited to) London, UK; Luanda, Angola; New York, USA

Special features: Held at the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster, this impressive venue makes for some very memorable discussions and debates

Spotlight Seminars

Event format: Half-day seminars featuring two high-level panels, either side of networking lunch, facilitating detailed analysis, cutting-edge discussion and excellent networking opportunities

Attendees: Approx. 80 guests, comprised of policy experts, academics, business leaders and government representatives

Events per year: 3 (UK)

Location: London, UK

Special features: With speakers from across Africa, the Spotlight Seminars are designed to celebrate great scientific advancement coming from Africa and to ‘spotlight’ the continents contributions to global science

#ScienceAfrica UnConference

Event format: Full-day conference made up of high-level keynote speakers and panels, interactive table working groups and partner-led workshops

Attendees: Approx. 200 guests ranging from Presidents and government ministers to leading academics and business peoples to NGOs and civil society representatives

Events per year: 1 (UK)

Location: London, UK;

Special features: A highly interactive and participant-led day with PEI Partners speaking alongside African government representatives, leading workshops and engaging with stakeholders from across Africa’s development agenda

Since its launch in 2014, the PEI Partners Forum has…

Hosted more than 50 meetings, roundtables and conferences

Directly collaborated with 42 African governments

Engaged over 3,500 participants

Facilitated or supported 57 projects on the ground in Africa

Held events in 23 countries on three continents