How to write a good project profile on the PEI exChange

The PEI exChange is the world’s first online matching platform for experts working in and for Africa. Based on a user-identified criteria, including countries and regions of focus, industries, skills and experience, the PEI exChange provides personalised matches with other users.



Our interactive project map feature allows users to gain exposure by showcasing their work to our global community of professionals, and interact with others driving change on the continent. The project map allows users to visually identify initiatives by location, making it easy for experts to engage with others, and potentially collaborate with other project owners.

Uploading a project gives you the opportunity to present and explain information about their on-going initiatives in Africa, and update readers on any developments.

Read our recommendations to upload an easy to read, impactful project on the PEI exChange!


1) Project name

The title of your project is the first thing that people will read about your work, and it will also help people to find it. Make sure it is concise and reflects your work.


Make sure that your project name is clear and concise


2) Short overview

This is the second most important component of your project. It should provide a very brief summary of your project. You can expand on this and add further details to the information you provide here in the ‘project description’ section. The introduction should be concise and compelling, and present the most relevant information about your project in an easily digestible way. Make sure it answers the following questions:

  1. Who are you/what is your organisation?
  2. What is your project and what are its objectives?
  3. Where is your project based?


3) Pictures

Your profile picture is the most important part of your project and it should communicate what your work is all about. Your photo should be professional and eye-catching. Here is a guide on how to take good photos with mobile phones. If you are able to, it is a good idea to take photos with a professional camera. Here are some examples of dos and don’t while picking your profile picture:


  • Make sure that your photos are high resolution (1200 x 500 megapixels)
  • Make sure the photo represents what your project or organisation is about


  • Use photos with text
  • Use photos that are unrelated to your work


Photo courtesy of WEND Africa



4) Where is the project?

To make sure people can locate your work, add the exact location of your project to the interactive map using the pin.


5) Project description

This is your chance to expand on the information you provided in your project overview and to showcase the great work you are doing to drive change in Africa. Presenting information in paragraphs and using titles will structure the information you are giving. Make sure you talk about project objectives, outcomes, stakeholders, results and impact. We recommend answering the following questions to organise your content:

  • What does your organisation do?
  • What is your project?
  • Where is your project based geographically?
  • What is your projects vision and what are your objectives?
  • What impact is your project having?
  • What are the expected outcomes for your project?


6) Project team

In this section, you can add project members to the team so other exChange users can see who is involved with your project and is working alongside you. You should only request to add people who are part of your organisation. You can also invite team members via email by clicking on ‘Add team members’, and by clicking on ‘Invite people by email’ on the top right corner of the pop-up.


8) Project updates

People who follow your project want to keep up to date with the progress of your work and see the great things you are achieving. This is your opportunity to showcase any developments, and to provide exChange users with information on the current status of your project. Update your feed to keep exChange users up-to-date with your projects new activities. You can upload updates in the form of text, photos or videos



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