Where to find the best news on science and tech in Africa

It’s the start of September, which is a great time to get up-to-speed with the latest science and tech news from the continent. In no particular order, here are five of our favourite places to source interesting stories on the innovators shaping the face of African science and tech.

1) Quartz Africa

For the past two years, we’ve name-checked Quartz Africa as one of the best publications focusing on pan-African innovation. It’s for good reason, as Quartz Africa continues to publish up-to-the minute, incisive reports on the latest technological discoveries that have emerged from the continent and their implications. Recent standout pieces include reports on Kenya’s latest tech hubs beyond Silicon Valley and Ghana’s first radio telescope.

2) How We Made it in Africa

Are you looking for an insight into business on the continent? Look no further than How We Made it in Africa, a treasure trove of stories and opinion pieces on the latest industry developments, cutting-edge start-ups and technological discoveries. We recently enjoyed reading stories that respectively explored the use of artificial intelligence in education, and the genesis of an aerotropolis in Africa.

3) SciDev.Net

SciDev.Net is another favourite destination for news and views on science and tech for global development, especially in Africa. What’s more, the site helpfully has a noticeboard that publishes the latest relevant events, including on the continent, research grants, jobs and announcements. New stories that caught our interest include a report on how malaria diagnostics fuel overuse of antibiotics and a news piece on the implications that GM crop delays for Africa.

4) African Business

African Business describes itself as a location for ‘sharp, curated news and insights on doing business in Africa’. And it does just that, with useful features including pages focusing on the continent’s different regions and sectors. What’s more, African Business interviews with the continent’s most influential businesspeople such as Shalina and Abbas Viriji, co-CEOs of homegrown pharmaceutical giant, Shalina Healthcare, and Boston Consulting Group’s President and CEO, Rich Lesser.

5) AFK Insider

Last but definitely not least, we recommend that you visit AFK Insider, a site dedicated to covering African news from a business perspective for African residents and its diaspora. What makes the site particularly valuable is the sheer depth and breadth of its reporting on the latest happenings in this domain across the continent. Recent notable stories include a report on Google’s decision to create an offline version of YouTube for Nigerians with poor Internet connections, and five ideas to enhance Africa’s tech scene.

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