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We are working for the scientific independence of Africa – and we want you to join us. What does scientific independence mean for you and how do you think we can achieve it?

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Part of our charitable objective is to bring together a wide range of people and organisations to promote scientific collaboration and development in Africa. We try to do it in interesting and engaging ways, and give everyone the chance to have their say and contribution ideas. Come and join us at our next event to see what we’re all about.

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Financing Renewable Energy in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Currently, over 600 million people on the continent have no access to energy. What’s more, the continent’s energy generation capacity is a mere 28 Gigawatts, equivalent to that of Argentina. Nevertheless, Sub-Saharan Africa harbours incredible renewable energy resources. The continent has the potential to source an additional 10 terawatts of solar energy, 1,300 gigawatts of wind… Read More

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Our PEI Partners Forum gives organisations a variety of ways to influence the growing science, technology and innovation agenda in Africa. Members of the Partners Forum are able to fully participate and help shape our #scienceAfrica campaign, as well as benefit from involvement in current and future projects on the continent.

If your organisation is interested in joining the Partners Forum and helping to influence the future of science, technology and innovation in Africa you can find out more and view our annual donation rates here. All contributions are ringfenced solely for Partners Forum activities and not charity’s core running costs.


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We are absolutely committed to giving a platform and a voice to all those who share our vision for a scientifically empowered and independent Africa. Our blogger platform brings a vast array of debate and opinion from around the world and we hope offers a valuable forum to share ideas and inspire others

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innovative development projects in Africa

Five Innovative Development Projects in Africa on the PEI exChange

The PEI exChange helps small-scale entrepreneurs, NGO workers, development workers, academics, and researchers to connect (thanks to our matching algorithm), exchange information and expertise, and to present their work via an interactive project map. Read about this week’s top five innovative development projects in Africa on the PEI exChange. 1) WEND (Women Empowerment Network Design) is a nonprofit… Read More