Where to find great stories about African innovation

January is the best time to get up-to-speed with the latest science and tech news from the continent. Here are four destinations for stories about the places and faces shaping African STI.

Quartz Africa

Two years after its launch, Quartz Africa is a bastion for up-to-the-minute, incisive reports on pan-African innovation. Recent highlights include a piece on cryptocurrencies in African economies and an interview with IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde, on Africa’s rising debt burden. Definitely a great place to start your research into science and tech on the continent!

Brookings in Africa

The Brookings Institution’s Africa in Focus blog offers authoritative views on African politics, economics, and more. Key pieces include the organisation’s weekly African news round up and Sub-Saharan Africa’s progress towards universal health care coverage. Crucial, accessible and timely!

Guardian Development News

Guardian Development News publishes hard-hitting stories from the world over, as well as helpful resources. Must-sees include a report on a drone delivery service that’s slashed the delivery time of vital medicines in Rwanda, and development studies student resources.

The Africa Report

The Africa Report is a key reference on social, business, economic and political developments on the continent. Interesting new pieces include a report on Nigeria’s $550 million satellite deal with China and an interview with philanthropist, Mo Ibrahim, about tackling the impact of globalisation. Essential reading for people working for and interested in Africa.



The Planet Earth Institute is an international NGO and charity accelerating science, technology and innovation across Africa. We have developed the PEI exChange – the first online networking matching platform connecting professionals working in and for Africa – to make it easier for experts to meet, exchange knowledge and showcase their work.

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