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Read about this week’s top five innovative development projects in Africa on the PEI exChange.

1) WEND (Women Empowerment Network Design) is a nonprofit that provides opportunities for employment, education, and empowerment to war-affected women in Northern Uganda. The organisation provides women with advanced training in tailoring, finance, and personal development, together with a monthly salary.

Women Empowerment Network Design Project

2) Education-4-change is a Kenyan social enterprise providing non-formal small-scale businesses training and mentoring to scale up to semi-formal and formal businesses in West Kenya. The workshops are geared towards comprehensive five-day training in the understanding of technical and non-technical aspects of running semi-formal and formal businesses followed by a three-month mentoring.


3) Sayans provides rural primary and secondary school students in Uganda access to computers preloaded with STEM educational materials to foster self-learning and entrepreneurship. Sayans also conducts training and workshops for primary and secondary school science teachers on experiential/project-based learning, placing students at the heart of teaching.

Sayans in Uganda Project

4) High Atlas Foundation drives sustainable, community-initiated development in Morocco. Sami’s project has expanded to include school infrastructure development to make rural schools more hospitable for students and teachers. Providing a safer and more hospitable learning environment, attendance levels are improved together with the likelihood to progress into higher education.

High Atlas Foundation | Sami's Project

5) Village Improvement Project provides solar lanterns for families in rural Liberia who don’t have access to electricity, enabling them to work for longer hours, study and socialise. They provide renewable energy to offset the negative consequences produced by traditional lighting techniques -such as candles, batteries, open fires, and kerosene lamps.

Village Improvement Project Liberia Solar Project


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