News: The PEI exChange is here!

In working for the scientific independence of Africa, the Planet Earth Institute has always placed collaboration, cooperation and knowledge-sharing at the heart of all of our activities. Whether that’s sponsoring Phd-level research on the continent, working with stakeholders on the ground to incubate new technologies or with the policy events that we host all over the world.
We have seen time and again the power and potential of bringing a diverse range of people together – from business, academia, policy and civil society – who share a passion for African development and encouraging the exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions.
Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the PEI exChange – the first ever digital matching platform for all those passionate about African development.
The idea for the PEI exChange came about during last year’s PEI #ScienceAfrica UnConference, our flagship event of the year where we brought together over 200 people for a day of high-level panel discussions, interactive table working groups and participant-led workshops. For one activity, we challenged attendees to tell us their ‘Big Ideas for Africa’, the skills and experience they were bringing to the table and the people they would like to meet to help make their big idea happen.
To our surprise and pleasure, every single person had a ‘Big Idea’ – ranging from large-scale projects and innovative new technologies to ambitious initiatives still to be launched and life-long dreams – and everyone wanted to network, collaborate and share information to help make them a reality.
We heard some great ideas and saw the incredible enthusiasm of people offering support, advice, funding or connections. But it had taken a physical event in London to bring these people together. Currently, it can be time-consuming, expensive and difficult to find these connections and it is projects, enterprise and Africa that suffers. 
The PEI exChange can revolutionise the way people connect, do good and do business in Africa: a sophisticated algorithm provides personalised matches allowing you to connect with relevant people within a global community; a chat function enables instant easy communication and knowledge-sharing; and an interactive ‘Big Ideas Map’ allows users to pin existing or new projects, promoting their work and galvanising support. So whether you work in business, academia, policy; whether you’re a student; doctor; entrepreneur; academic; architect; engineer; policy maker; journalist or corporate manager; and whether you are based in Nairobi or the Netherlands, Luanda or London, you can always find what you need on the PEI exChange.
The official launch of the PEI exChange will take place at this year’s PEI #ScienceAfrica UnConference in London on the 20th of July. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Big Ideas for Africa: Celebrating the Continents Science and Technology Pioneers’ – we’ll be shining a light on a diverse range of individuals, research groups, academic institutions and commercial organisations driving great science, technology and innovation in Africa.
The PEI exChange is here – its vision, an African continent, technologically independent and sustainably developed thanks to cooperation between private, public and government sectors and civil society.
We want to help make your Big Idea for Africa a reality. Sign-up here to get early access and start exploring and connecting with a global community passionate about African development.
The PEI exChangeexchange ideas, drive change for Africa.

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