Spotlight Seminar: The Future of Renewable Energy in Africa

Date: Wednesday 29th November

Time: 9.45am-3.30pm

Location: The Library, Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London W1J 0BA

Renewable energy and access to electricity is critical for development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, over 600 million people on the continent have no access to energy, with average electricity grid access a mere 20%. In addition, a mere seven countries on the continent have electrification rates exceeding 50%.

Sub-Saharan Africa has access to a wealth of primary renewable energy supplies, with the potential to source an additional 10 terawatts of solar energy, 1,300 gigawatts of wind power, and 1 gigawatt of geothermal potential. Accelerating investment in renewable energy can help Africa achieve much-needed structural economic transformation and poverty reduction.


Why attend

  • Take part in cutting-edge discussions on the challenges and opportunities affecting access to electricity in Africa
  • Learn from the individuals, research groups, academic institutions and businesses creating scientific and technological advancements that will define the future of renewable energy on the continent
  • Connect with business leaders, renewable energy experts, academics, policymakers, civil society and NGO representatives

Register here to attend the event, and take a look at our event brochure for more information. We will also broadcast the event via Facebook Live.



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