Nine inspirational quotes from science & tech pioneers in Africa

Across Africa, innovations in science and technology are helping to make incredible advancements across a range of sectors from public health to agriculture. In the run up to our #ScienceAfrica UnConference on the 20th July where we will be celebrating these innovations, we’ve chosen some of our favourite inspirational quotes from leaders in science and tech on the continent.

1) “Everywhere I went I experienced the wonderful beauty of our continent and saw the resilience and the spirit of our people, and at that time, I realized that I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to making this continent great”

Fred Swaniker, entrepreneur and founder of the African Leadership Network

2) “Live life in a way that your contribution to humanity will be felt, during and beyond your years on earth!”

Wangechi Mwangi, co-founder and chief executive officer of Kenyan fintech startup Valuhara

3) “The greatest return on investment comes not from ‘fixing’ a problem but from shaping new mindsets amongst youth, …. I wanted to help forge mindsets that are not limited by current circumstances, but can re-imagine and re-create new possibilities.”

Anne Githuku-Shongwe, founder and CEO of AFROES Transformational Games, a visionary creator of mobile phone edu-tainment for young Africans

4) “Do not be afraid of failure. Live and take risks. If you stay in your safe zone, you won’t learn enough.”

Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, Nigerian entrepreneur and innovator, and founder and CEO of WeCyclers.

5) “I have come to learn to be patient and not to give up too quickly. It takes patience and persistence to bring a new and innovative product and ways of doing things to a community. There are early adopters who immediately embrace the product and there are traditionalists who resist the change that the initiative represents.”

Bernice Dapaah, is co-founder of the Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative

6) “Africa is about to peak: Smartphone connectivity, an emerging middle class, and opportunities for technology are unprecedented. People are starting to see Africa as a private-sector market, rather than just a recipient for aid”.

Mbwana Alliy, co-founder of Savannah Fund

7) “With sheer determination and conviction nothing is impossible. We can all achieve the unimaginable.”

Ally Angula, co-founder of Leap Holdings, a group of companies involved in the growing of fresh produce, garment manufacturing and retail in Namibia

8) “Keep it simple. Be realistic. Set your desired future lifestyle. Be clear on how to achieve it. Don’t settle for less. Ditch rigid 5 year plans. Be flexible.”

Opeyemi Awoyemi, co-Founder Jobberman – West Africa’s most popular job search engine

9) “Believe in yourself, if you believe in yourself you can even change the whole world – that is the business philosophy I have.”

Salma Abdulai, founder of Unique Quality Product Enterprise in Ghana, a company that processes and markets fonio, a nutritious and climate resistant indigenous cereal

Quotes from Enterprise54, Lionesses of Africa, The Voix, and The Nigerian Enterprise Challenge.

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