Headquartered in central London, DMA is widely considered to be the leading investment promotion organisation for governments around the globe. The company’s investment summits are amongst the most productive, particularly in Europe and North America, in terms of generating awareness, matching businesses and in delivering tangible investment outcomes. Over the past ten years, DMA events, ranging from investment summits to more intimate business roundtables, have been attributed as having facilitated more than US$12 billion in new investments into emerging economies. DMA also works with governments on follow up activities such as trade missions and in-country trade and investment events.

DMA hosts investment summits for emerging economies in London and other global investor capitals across the world, with significant successes in terms of tangible outcomes. Hosting over 300 heads of state and cabinet ministers, DMA has managed over 250 projects for a range of stakeholders, including governments, corporations and leading donor agencies. Most recently, we have had the privilege of hosting a number of governments, including Paraguay, Croatia, Ghana, Algeria and Papua New Guinea.

A list of up-coming DMA events can be found on the company’s website here.