Village of Arts – Children of Mussulo (Aldeia das Artes – Meninos do Mussulo)

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With our long history working in Angola, we are also proud to support the inspiring Village of Arts-Children of Mussulo project, helping give a better start in life to 1500 street children in Luanda, Angola.

The project, launched by Ms Ana Madaleno, is based at a new Centre on the island of Mussulo, supporting the children with crucial education and health services, but also providing an inspiring range of social activities, from music and vocational training in many practical areas, such as engineering, plumbing, construction to electricity, and photography. As the Centre and its activities expand, the programme will create 180 jobs for local support workers and educators.

“We want to promote the social inclusion of children of the island by teaching community values ??and breaking social barriers” says Ms Madaleno, who has been at the forefront of the Centre’s development and has led the fundraising effort with the private sector and governments.

Social frame

It’s not easy being a child or teenager in Mussulo with poverty, unemployment and ill health predicting a challenging future. Moreover, children and young adults in the Angolan community are too often seen as the problem and excluded from the wider society and thus left isolated.

CONSAÚDE and the Planet Earth Institute are working to change those stereotypes and to give every young child in Angola the chance of a brighter future. Ultimately, their future is our future and we must work to embrace their endless potential.

The main activities of Mussulo are the provision of domestic services, fishing and subsistence agriculture, as well as the transportation of people and goods for recreational purposes. The supply of clean water and electricity is problematic. The schools and medical centers are in desperate need of work and reconstruction. Basic sanitation, particularly the collection of solid waste is of great concern to the authorities. The health and education sectors on the island need special attention. Mussulo only has three local medical centers where 32 nurses provide the health services, however none of these centers are endowed with a doctor. About 40% of children remain outside the primary educational system, along with the fact that there is no educational system or schools for children after grade eight. As most of the families are low income and don’t have the ability of sending their children to school in Luanda, most of the children and teenagers are forced to abandon their education.

The lack of electricity and leisure areas prevent the residents of Mussulo from finding entertainment, thus creating an environment where alcohol, sexual exploitation and drug consumption could easily attract vulnerable children and adolescents. They are exposed to conflicts as well as high rates of mortality due to external causes daily.

Considering this social framework and aiming to improve the living standards of the overall Mussulo population, but particularly young people, CONSAÚDE takes on the challenge of promoting and implementing the project Village of the Arts, believing in the potential of the Children from Mussulo.

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Organisations or individuals are able to sponsor the children’s activities programme in the Centre. If you would like to find out more information please contact either CONSAÚDE (contact details are listed on the left) or the PEI team in London:

Telma Almeida, Marketing & Africa Relations Director
T +44 (0) 20 7409 2947

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