TAAG Airlines

Message from Dr Joaquim Teixeira da Cunha, President, TAAG Airlines

We're delighted to partner with the PEI to help support Africa's scientific development. We are hoping to help give wings to Africa's scientific independence!


TAAG Airlines is the major airline of Angola, who support the PEI to ‘help give wings to the scientific independence of Africa’!

TAAG Angola Airlines was founded in 1938 and is based in Angola’s capital city, Luanda. For over 70 years TAAG has served Angola by operating flights both domestically and internationally and by serving its passengers with a top quality level of service. TAAG is dedicated to expanding its services and improving the customer experience: the airline is acquiring state-of-the-art aircraft, improving its booking system, and instituting a customer loyalty program. TAAG is proud of its past and looks forward to continuing to serve Angola and achieve Excellence in all areas of the Company TAAG offers direct flights between Luanda and the capitals of some of the major centers of international business and tourism.

TAAG Airlines are committed to the sustainable development of Angola and the African continent, and have held a strategic partnership with PEI (and our predecessor UNESCO’s ‘International Year of the Planet Earth’) since 2008. In 2014, TAAG will be a lead partner in Angola, promoting enterprise policies in the transport sector and focusing on regional integration across the region and continent.

Three questions with the TAAG President, Dr Joaquim Teixeira da Cunha:

How can the partnership with PEI help TAAG achieving its strategic objectives?

TAAG and PEI are perfectly aligned in terms of the continued promotion and focus on the sustainable development agenda in Africa, and the role of the transport sector in boosting regional integration and intra-Africa trade. TAAG is also increasingly working internationally, to open new routes and agree new working models with partners in order to ease the route of travel into and throughout Angola.

As we say in TAAG this partnership is ‘Together, towards excellence’!

As a leading airline, how is TAAG committed to investing in the training of a new generation of African engineers and scientists?

We are committed to continuing the refounding process of the company and maintaining TAAG’s high standards of operational security and safety. That means we need to continue to invest in our people today and help train those able to achieve our objectives in the future. The PEI’s flagship CESSAF project is a hugely exciting one for Angola, and we keen that the transport sector and the relevant skills are included in the programme, including engineering and technical expertise. This is not just an advantage for TAAG but for the whole country and the continent. We cannot forget that the cost of importing knowledge continues to be more expensive than the cost of investing in education.

How is TAAG contributing to the Angolan Development?

TAAG flies to Europe, Latin America, Asia and United Arab Emirates. Recently we’ve invested in a fleet of next-generation aircrafts that will enable the opening of new routes very soon. New routes implies more business, is worth to say that the new Luanda airport will handle over 15 million passengers per year!

TAAG is strongly promoting African regional integration and a strong and diversified Angolan economy, through increasing ease of business and trade across borders. We are hoping to give wings to the scientific independence of Africa!