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WiseOceans is a marine conservation and education company that works globally, striving towards a future with healthier oceans. WiseOceans employs three core strategies:

We educate: With our world-class ocean outreach activities WiseOceans is uniquely placed to inspire interest and excitement in the oceans, leading to an increased desire to protect them, and ultimately to healthier seas.

We conserve: Our innovative restoration projects make a real difference to the conservation of the oceans. Coral nurseries, mangrove restoration and scientific research projects are all tailor-made to have a positive impact on their environment.

We involve: Our website provides a wealth of information including a section dedicated to marine conservation work opportunities for those wishing to work within the marine conservation field. Additionally as part of the Marine Discovery Programmes at luxury resorts our Marine Educators share their passion for the oceans and help guests and staff to feel the same, highlighting our expertise in getting people into and in love with the sea.

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WiseOceans and the PEI

1) Why we are working with the PEI and STEP

We strongly support the work PEI and STEP are doing in encouraging young people to explore careers in science. WiseOceans believes education is key to conserving marine life and the ecosystems they inhabit.

2) Why we support a science-led development agenda for Africa

The rich and diverse marine life that many African nations support requires strong scientific leadership from within in order to stand up to the pressures of climate change, pollution and habitat loss. Educating and supporting scientists who will then work to influence and empower agencies in their own countries will help to ensure positive and sustainable choices will be made for the benefit of Africa’s marine life and the populations that depend on it.

3) How we work with the PEI Foundation

We will be providing hands on activity day on Tuesday 19th July as part of the ‘Future Leaders in STEM Week’. The event will explore the marine life of Mauritius and the threats it faces as well as exploring what it means to work in marine science.

4) Our key activities on the continent

WiseOceans provides Marine Discovery Programmes in Mauritius and Seychelles. As well as providing marine education for guests at resorts, community groups and schools, we contribute to national and international marine conservation by conducting surveys to assess the health of marine and coastal environments; this data is donated to governmental departments and local NGOs.

5) A quote from our Managing Director

“At WiseOceans we are delighted to be able to support the work of PEI and STEP, whose aims and objectives align so strongly with our own. WiseOceans was founded on the belief that education is the key to long-term conservation of our oceans and the resources they provide.  By engaging people with the seas around them we work towards people feeling empowered by the positive impact that they can have on the oceans and for the younger generation to be inspired to choose a career in marine science”

Abbie Hine, Founder and Managing Director, WiseOceans Ltd


A WiseOceans school session

A WiseOceans school session

Marine education on the beach, Seychelles

Marine education on the beach, Seychelles