Great Projects on the PEI exChange

One of the PEI exChange’s standout features is our interactive Projects Map, which shows exciting initiatives and programmes happening across Africa. In no particular order, here are four fantastic projects.


Better Globe Forestry


Mukau seedlings in hardening tunnels in Kiambere.jpg

Mukau seedlings in hardening tunnels in Kiambere

Since 2004, Better Globe Forestry Ltd (BGF) has been fighting poverty through sustainable tree-planting programmes in Kenya. The organisation promotes massive tree-planting and sustainable agricultural programmes through microfinance schemes, educational programmes and water supply for rural communities. Learn more about the project and connect with the BGF team here.

Charcoal Baking Ovens



The project has been developed in partnership with Amari Bakery to support the development of SMEs across Kenya. To enhance the project’s sustainability, Cookswells has provided free seeds to invest in woodfuel resources. To learn more about Amari Bakery and Cookswell, visit their project.


Smiling Through Light



Smiling Though Light believes that energy doesn’t just provide light, but also generates income, prosperity and sustainability. Their work in Sierra Leone focuses on the provision of solar-powered lamps to women in rural communities. Visit their project page to learn more.


Africa Wood Grow



Africa Wood Grow has launched another great land restoration project! Since 2010, they have been working to promote economic growth and sustainable development in Kenya. Learn more about their work here and get in touch with the funders.


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