A Decade of Development in Sub-Saharan African Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Research

The World Bank and Elsevier partnered on this report to examine and compare the research enterprise of sub-Saharan Africa from 2003 to 2013, with a special emphasis on research in STEM. The report focuses on research output and citation impact, regional and international research collaboration, and researcher mobility, all important indicators of the strength of the subcontinent’s research enterprise.

Sustainability in the mining sector: India’s example

Authored by Prof Mukesh Khare, one of the PEI’s Global Scientific Committee members and leading expert in sustainability practices, this paper seeks to develop a code of sustainability for the mining sector. Given the huge importance to the sector to the continent, Prof Khare argues for a sustainability code that increases the development benefits of mining through the promotion of environmental and social sustainability, drawing on contemporary examples from India.

Photo courtesy of Peter Craven.

Direct smelting – an alternative to mercury in gold mining

Prof Jerry Kuma’s presentation from March 2013 to an open meeting of mining and sustainability experts in Luanda, Angola. Prof Kuma proposes a method of direct smelting as a revolutionary alternative to the damaging use of mercury in the artisanal gold mining process.

Urbanisation in Angola (Portuguese)

Prof Dr Arq. Antonio Gameiro, President of the Order of Architects, outlines his vision for the development of Angola’s urban planning strategy, in Luanda and across the world.

Building Partnerships in Sustainable Urbanization – The Way Forward

Drawing on his work on urbanisation in New Delhi and across India, Prof Mukesh Khare outlines his strategy for how the urbanisation challenges can be tackled sustainably in Africa and across the world.

The importance of science and technology in developing nations

Nelson Sabogal of UNEP presents his view on the need for an STI-led agenda in Africa and across the world.