Renewable energy project leaders on the PEI exChange

Access to clean, low-carbon energy is essential to achieving sustainable development in Africa. In the lead up to our Spotlight Seminar on the Future of Renewable Energy in Africa, we want to shine a light on three clean energy innovators who are showcasing their work on the PEI exChange projects map.

Dr. LeRoy Boikai

Dr. LeRoy Boikai is the President/CEO of the Village Improvement Project, a NGO in Liberia working to improve the quality of life for rural villagers in the country and reduce the use of carbon fuels. Entitled ‘Solar Lanterns for 1000 Village Homes in Liberia’, Dr. Boikai’s project seeks to provide 560 lumen LED solar lanterns and mobile phone chargers to 1000 rural families in Liberia who earn less than $1 per day. Through this, the projects aims to provide a minimum of five years of zero-cost, bright, clean and safe energy for their recipients. The light, which lasts for eight hours, will give children adequate light to study by, and allow villagers to extend their workday.

For years, Liberians have been using candles, batteries, open fires, and kerosene lamps to light and heat their homes. These outdated technologies are expensive and dangerous, often causing accidental fires and producing harmful indoor air pollution. Clean energy use will help to reduce health problems associated with household air pollution. We look forward to hearing more about the impact that this project will achieve.

Dr. Alex Money

Dr. Alex Money is the Programme Director of The Smith School School of Enterprise and Environment at the University of Oxford and a speaker at our upcoming Spotlight Seminar. His project ‘Making Light Work’ analyses a new programme developed by the World Bank that aims to rapidly increase the amount of energy generated through solar power in developing countries. The Scaling Solar programme involves creating a “one stop shop” that unites the key elements needed to develop and implement privately funded grid-connected solar projects for delivery of electricity at competitive tariffs. The main objective of The Smith School’s research is to identify the key factors required for the Scaling Solar initiative to succeed at scale.

Lucia Bakulumpagi-Wamala

Another speaker at our Spotlight Seminar, Lucia Bakulumpagi-Wamala is the Founder & CEO of Bakulu Power, a renewable energy company based in her native Uganda. Ms Bakulumpagi-Wamala’s project is entitled ‘Rural electrification in Uganda. As part of this project, Bakulu Power is developing three solar hybrid mini-grids to supply power on the Kiregi, Namite and Lubya islands with support from the Rural Electrification Agency of Uganda. The project aims to supply electricity to at least 2,300 connections, directly create at least nine jobs related to the power system and many more indirectly through greater access to electricity, and improve the standards of living in Lubya sub-county.

Learn more about these projects and see others on the PEI exChange’s interactive project map. You can explore, connect with, follow and support great projects, businesses and initiatives happening on the ground in Africa.


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