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Welcome remarks to our #ScienceAfrica UnConference

PEI chairman, Dr. Álvaro Sobrinho, opened our #ScienceAfrica UnConference with a short speech that thanked our attendees for their participation and support of science in Africa, and thanked our PEI Partners for supporting our work to foster science, innovation and technology in Africa. Good morning everyone! It is my privilege to be here today. For… Read More

HE Ameenah Gurib-Fakim keynote at our #ScienceAfrica UnConference

President of Mauritius, PEI Vice Chairperson and Trustee, HE Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, kicked off our opening panel at the #ScienceAfrica UnConference with her reflections on the need for a generation of young Africans with the STEM skills needed to thrive in industries of the future, and lead sustainable development on the continent. Dr Alvaro Sobrinho, Chairperson… Read More

What the African Union’s space strategy is about

On 31st January 2016 during the African Union Heads of State Summit in Addis Ababa, the AU adopted the African Space Policy and Strategy. This document sets out the guiding principles behind the establishment of a sustainable and effective space programme that will address the needs of the African continent. The African Space Policy and Strategy argues… Read More

The Genomics Revolution: building bioinformatics capacity in Africa

Although Africa accounts for 24% of the global burden of disease, the majority of related biomedical research still happens in Western countries. I believe that the scientific independence of Africa means that scientists on the continent are able to set their own research agenda and develop their own solutions. Given the increase in freely available… Read More

African science heroes

One of the most exciting parts of our work is meeting and learning about the many amazing scientists and researchers in Africa. To celebrate the end of an amazing year, with the help of our friends, we decided to compile a list of ten of the most inspirational people working in and passionate about science… Read More

My top 10 for 2015

My top 10 for 2015 From our #ScienceAfrica UnConference to our launch in Mauritius, 2015 has been a momentous year for all of us at the Planet Earth Institute. Below are my top 10 highlights of the past year! 1) The PEI officially launches in Mauritius On November 23, the PEI celebrated its launch in… Read More