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Five African science and technology pioneers to watch

Thursday 25th May marks Africa Day, which officially commemorates the formation of the Organisation for African Unity in 1963, now the African Union. However, Africa Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the best and brightest of Africa, and especially the science and technology pioneers working to create real impact on the continent. In no… Read More

Five scientific and technological innovations enhancing agriculture in Africa

Agriculture is absolutely fundamental to development on the continent. It employs more than 65% of the continent’s populations and contributes 35% of Africa’s GDP. Yet the continent’s smallholder farmers, who comprise 80% of its agricultural labour forces, face challenges from plant disease to a lack of appropriate financing. There’s no better time to highlight five… Read More

Five questions with Fatimah Kelleher

This week, we caught up with Fatimah Kelleher, independent social development and women’s rights advocate/consultant. Fatimah discussed her formative influences, key areas of interest, and spoke eloquently about the need for deeper understanding of equity issues in economic dialogues around Africa. 1)   Your career has spanned education, economic empowerment, and writing, but with women’s rights as… Read More

The Genomics Revolution: building bioinformatics capacity in Africa

Although Africa accounts for 24% of the global burden of disease, the majority of related biomedical research still happens in Western countries. I believe that the scientific independence of Africa means that scientists on the continent are able to set their own research agenda and develop their own solutions. Given the increase in freely available… Read More

Five questions with Dr. Wilfred Ndifon

This week, we were fortunate to speak to Dr. Wilfred Ndifon, an expert in the application of both immunology and mathematics to the study of mechanisms and dynamics of infectious diseases, who is affiliated with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. He was also recently elected one of 12 Next Einstein Fellows, distinguished researchers working to… Read More

African science heroes

One of the most exciting parts of our work is meeting and learning about the many amazing scientists and researchers in Africa. To celebrate the end of an amazing year, with the help of our friends, we decided to compile a list of ten of the most inspirational people working in and passionate about science… Read More