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Spotlight Seminar: The Future of Renewable Energy in Africa

Date: Wednesday 29th November Time: 9.45am-3.30pm Location: The Library, Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London W1J 0BA   Renewable energy and access to electricity is critical for development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, over 600 million people on the continent have no access to energy, with average electricity grid access a… Read More

Five questions with Dr. Danilo Türk

This week, as particular of our series of interviews with nominees for the next United Nations Secretary General, we were fortunate to speak to Dr. Danilo Türk, Slovenia’s candidate for the position. Dr. Türk discussed the importance of ensuring that women’s voices feature more prominently in developmental decision making, and how for-profit businesses can help… Read More

Agricultural biotechnology: an opportunity for Africa?

Biotechnology encompasses technologies and techniques that utilise living organisms and systems to make products and/or processes of specific use and benefit to human beings. Nowadays biotechnology has become an indispensable tool in social and economic development, and is at the heart of many production systems from agriculture to the manufacturing industry and environment where the… Read More

Five questions with Fatimah Kelleher

This week, we caught up with Fatimah Kelleher, independent social development and women’s rights advocate/consultant. Fatimah discussed her formative influences, key areas of interest, and spoke eloquently about the need for deeper understanding of equity issues in economic dialogues around Africa. 1)   Your career has spanned education, economic empowerment, and writing, but with women’s rights as… Read More

Building bioinformatics capacity in Africa: a personal perspective

Azza Ahmed, a Sudanese PhD student, attended TReND in Africa’s recent bioinformatics course, one of our winning Africa Data Challenge projects. A Sudanese proverb holds that overseas travel has at least seven benefits, and the bioinformatics workshop I attended in icipe, Kenya illustrated this perfectly. Let me start from the beginning. I come from an… Read More

Five questions with Dr. Wilfred Ndifon

This week, we were fortunate to speak to Dr. Wilfred Ndifon, an expert in the application of both immunology and mathematics to the study of mechanisms and dynamics of infectious diseases, who is affiliated with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. He was also recently elected one of 12 Next Einstein Fellows, distinguished researchers working to… Read More